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Elijah Brown
(August 21, 1789- )

 ELIJAH BROWN was born in the town of Colchester, New London Co., Conn., August 21, 1789.  
His parents were SAMUEL and LYDIA (BIRGE) BROWN, also natives of Connecticut. ELIJAH 
was the second of a family of five children, whose names were as follows: ELISHA, ELIJAH, 
ALFRED, ERASTUS and LYDIA, all these are now dead.  ELIJAH spend his early years at home 
and was employed on the farm, and attended the district school winters.  In 1809 the 30th of 
November he married MARGARET WILLIAMS of Colchester.  She was born the 16th of October 
1784, and was a daughter of ELIJAH and EDITHA (DAY) WILLIAMS. 
 ELIJAH came to Georgetown in 1813, settled on lot 115, and lived there until he died.  He bought 
75 acres and added to that from time to time about 225 acres.  He was a successful farmer and a 
man of excellent business qualifications.  He was called to fill several offices of trust by his townsmen 
among which were those of assessor and supervisor, which he held many years. He was originally a 
Whig and on the formation of the Republican party he united with that and voted for the party's first 
candidate for the Presidency.  In religious sentiment he was a Congregationalist and was a member 
of that church in Georgetown.  His wife was a member of the same church.  ELIJAH died the 9th of 
September, 1859, and his wife, January 4, 1851. 
 They had a family of seven children whose names and dates of birth are here given: LYDIA B., born 
March 29, 1812, married ALANSON NILES, in 1826, and died March 11, 1844; LAVINIA, born Dec. 
27, 1813, married Rev. LORENZO E. SWAN, May 1, 1838; HARRIET, born Jan. 6, 1816, married 
LYMAN F. BONNEY, July 26, 1841; a son, died in infancy; ELIJAH W., born July 8, 1822, married 
RUTH R. ROBEY, Feb. 17, 1846; LOREN W., born Jan. 12, 1825, married ELCENA D. PRENTISS, 
Dec. 18, 1827, died Oct. 5, 1852. 
 ELIJAH W. BROWN has been honored by his fellow citizens of Georgetown.  They have elected him 
to the best offices in their gift and the duties of the same have been performed in a manner that 
convinced them that their confidence was not misplaced, and that reflected the highest credit upon 
 LOREN W., resided on the old homestead.  He is one of Georgetown's most valued citizens.  He has 
been successful as a farmer, and is respected and admired by all whose good fortune it is to have his 
acquaintance, for his many excellent qualities of mind and heart. 
From "History of Chenango and Madison Counties, NY" starting on page 584
Transcribed by Sandy Goodspeed. 

Date: Sunday, August 08, 1999 04:55 PM

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