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Ephraim Fisk
(February 10, 1827- )

EPHRAIM FISK - The progenitors of the Fisk family in the town of Lebanon, Madison Co., N. Y., 
were JOHN and BETSY (WRIGHT) FISK.  The former was born in Otsego Co., about 1768 and 
the latter in the town of Holden, Otsego Co., the same year.  They came into the town of Eaton 
and settled near where Pecksport is now situated, in 1802.  They moved into the town of Lebanon 
and settled where JOHN FISK, a grandson, is now residing and carried on farming.  They had eight 
only two of whom are now living, SALLY and POLLY, the former living near West Eaton and the 
other in Sangerfield, Oneida Co, N. Y. JOHN and BETSY (WRIGHT) FISK were poor but hard 
working people.  They were pioneers in this County and the hardships and privations incident to an 
early settlement in the wilderness were severely felt by them.  They died at great ages, the former in 
1852 and the latter in 1851. 
 JOHN, the first child of JOHN and BETSY (WRIGHT) FISK, was born Aug. 16th, 1796, in Otsego 
Co.  He worked on the farm at home for his parents until he was married, in 1816.  He then went to 
farming for himself.  The farm he purchased was covered by a dense forest and several years were 
spent in clearing it up.  He worked for others several years, clearing land by the acre.  He carried on 
farming all his life and acquired a large property.  He was an extensive bee keeper, having as many 
as 150 colonies at times and realizing, several seasons, as high as one thousand dollars from his 
honey and bees, and keeping his stock unimpaired.  He carried on the dairying business very largely, 
having at times as many as one hundred cows.  For several years, he was one of the most extensive 
butter and cheese makers in Madison Co. 
 Mr. FISK was one of old Madison's solid men; he was successful because he was faithful and 
enterprising and endowed with an energy and will that removed all obstacles to success.  His 
advantages for an education were poor, a few terms at the district school, being all he that he ever 
enjoyed.  As a mental mathematician he was a wonder, being able to work in his mind the most difficult 
problems in interest and such others as he encountered in his business affairs. 
 He was never an office seeker and took no interest in politics. He was a Democrat.  In religious 
sentiment, he was a Universalist but never a member of any church.  He contributed liberally of his 
means in support of the Society in his town.  He was kind to the poor and needy and ever ready to lend 
a helping hand, when he believed the object was a worthy one; of that he had to be satisfied. He was a 
kind husband and indulgent father and his children were taught the value of industry and economy.  
When his parents became old and needed care and support, and that tender regard that every parent 
has right to expect from their children, his duty was faithfully and affectionately performed.  He supported 
them and carefully looked after all their wants.  For all the noble qualities that characterize the truly useful 
citizen, good friend and kind neighbor, Mr. FISK was beloved, and when death claimed him, the town of 
Lebanon was called on to mourn the loss of one of its best citizens.  He died March 21st, 1866. 
 Oct. 16th, 1816, JOHN FISK married MILLEY, daughter of GAYLORD and MILLEY (LOVELAND) 
STEVENS, of Lebanon, natives of Conn.  (They had seventeen children.)   She was born Jan. 5th, 1795 
and died Nov. 16th, 1864.  JOHN and MILLEY FISK had eight children as follows: ALBERT, born Aug. 
28th, 1847, died in Wisconsin in 1850, PHEBE, born Nov. 28th, 1819, married ALONZO SABINS. Sept. 
15th, 1837, OLIVE, born June 26th, 1821, married NELSON SLOCUM, HARRIET, born Feb. 12th, 1824, 
married ELISHA STEADMAN, ANN, born June 25th, 1826, married OSCAR STEWART, EPHRAIM, born 
Feb. 10th, 1827, married NANCY R. CAMPBELL of Lebanon, Sept. 11th, 1851.  She died May 17th, 
1875. He then married Miss RETTIE BARBER, of Otselic, Chenango Co., Nov. 15th, 1876, LUMAN, born 
July 16th, 1829, married ANGELINE CLOSE, of Smyrna, Chenango Co., and JOHN, born Dec. 6th, 1840, 
married NETTIE MORROW, of Augusta, Oneida Co. 
 EPHRAIM lived at home, working on the farm until he was married, and then until his father died, aiding 
him in the management of his extensive business.  He is one of the most extensive farmers in the county, 
and carries on a large business.  In politics he is a Democrat, but in town matters, votes for the best man.  
Has been Assessor, Supervisor for four years and at present is Justice of the Peace. LUMAN is a 
prominent man in the town and has been a farmer, now out of business and residing at Lebanon village.  
JOHN is residing on the old homestead and operates the farm of about 300 acres. He has held several 
offices of trust and responsibility and at the present is Excise Commissioner.  He is a member of the 
Congregational church at Lebanon. 
From "History of Chenango and Madison Counties, NY" starting on page 577.
Transcribed by Sandy Goodspeed.  

Date: Sunday, August 15, 1999 08:28 AM

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