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Francis Austin Hyatt
(August 5, 1828- )

 FRANCIS AUSTIN HYATT was born at Ridgefield, Fairfield county, Conn., 
August 5, 1828.  The family came from England at the earliest settlement of 
the colonies.  The first mention of the name in this country, is that of 
THOMAS HYATT in the records of Stamford, Conn., of 1641. 
 The first five generations here were represented in direct descent by the 
name of THOMAS HYATT. 
 THOMAS HYATT, 2D, settled at Norwalk, Conn.  The records of that town show 
that he received bounty lands for having participated in the "direful swamp 
fight" of "King Phillip's war," which took place Dec. 29, 1675. 
 THOMAS HYATT, 3D, became one of the twenty-five original purchasers and 
settlers of Ridgefield township.  The purchase was made in 1708 of Catoonah, 
Sachem of Ramapoo Indians, for consideration of "One Hundred Pounds."  
Deacon JAMES BENEDICT was also one of said original purchasers, and married 
SARAH HYATT, sister of THOMAS, April 7, 1708. 
 THOMAS HYATT, 5TH, emigrated to Nelson, Madison county, N. Y., with his son 
ABIJAH, in 1830.  ABIJAH HYATT was chiefly noted as a pioneer Methodist, 
both in his old, and new home; and always an honor to his creed.  His son 
AARON S. HYATT, settled in Fenner, N. Y., in 1832, bringing on an emigrant 
wagon, his household goods and family.  He was among the first to develop 
the dairy interest in Central New York.  As early as 1842, he was proprietor 
of a dairy of fifty cows, and for a long time took high rank, and deep 
interest in the business.  His children are FRANCIS AUSTIN, AARON S., JR., 
and ELECTA, wife of MARLIN LYON. After learning first principles as taught 
in the District school, Mr. HYATT was educated at "Red Creek Union Academy," 
and "Oneida Conference Seminary," becoming a student at the Seminary, spring 
term of 1844.  He remembers with pride as students of that term, Gen. Joseph 
R. Hawley, Gov. Leland Stanford, Bishop Andrews, Judge Andrews, and many 
others less conspicuous, but who had acted well their part in life.  After 
leaving school, Mr. HYATT located on a farm in Fenner.  His first experience 
in political life was as candidate for clerk of the town, on the Anti "Know 
Nothing ticket."  Everybody in those days were  Know Nothings, and of 
course, he was beaten.  Next year he was  nominated on the same issue, and 
elected.  Having held numerous  town offices, he was in 1860, nominated by 
acclamation for Member  of the Legislature, and elected by 822 majority, 
receiving  more votes  in his town, than Abraham Lincoln.  He was again 
nominated for the  Assembly in 1871, elected by a much larger than usual 
majority, and  declined re-nomination. 
 Making no pretensions to a brilliant political career, he has always re-
corded his vote on the side of the taxpayers, and against all appropriations 
for other than the legitimate expenses of government. Mr. HYATT was married 
to ELIZABETH MARTHA ROBINSON, of Perryville, Oct. 22, 1850, by whom he has 
three sons,-FRANK H., a lawyer of Morrisville, AARON SANFORD, a physician at 
Wacousta, Mich., and THEODORE FREMONT.  Mrs. HYATT died March 20, 1869.  He 
was married June 26, 1878, to MARY ELIZABETH BENEDICT, of Brooklyn, formerly 
of Sherburne, Chenango county.  She is a lineal descendant of Deacon JAMES 
BENEDICT, of Ridgefield, before mentioned. 
 Tolerably successful in business, with comfortable home surroundings, and 
of a disposition to do to the best of his ability whatever he undertakes, 
the subject of this sketch is a fair representative of the large class of 
workers, known as "independent farmers." 
From "History of Chenango and Madison Counties, NY" starting on page 705. 
Transcribed by Sandy Goodspeed 

Date: Friday, September 17, 1999 12:07 PM

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