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Isaac Collester
(August 19, 1809- )

 Mr. ISAAC COLLESTER was born in Madison county, Aug. 19, 1809.  His father died when he was 
only five years old, leaving his family chiefly dependent upon their own exertions for support. ISAAC 
was thus early compelled to earn the necessities of life, and, though thus necessarily debarred from 
securing a full education, yet he did what many fail to do, made the best of his circumstances and 
early developed the principles of a fine manhood.  He decided to follow the occupation of a farmer, 
and also to make a success of it, which he has done.  He is called one of the best farmers in the 
county, possessing 150 acres of fine, rich land, devoted to hop raising, dairying and the raising of 
blooded stock.  He has represented his town in various public offices, is naturally of a retiring, quiet 
disposition, has a warm heart and always ready to lend a helping hand to others.  His first wife was 
Miss PRISCILLA PIERCE, who was born Sept. 6, 1808, married 1830 and died Dec. 14, 1831.  His 
second wife was HANNAH PIERCE, born Madison, 1811, married 1832, and died Nov. 10, 1877.  
She was a lady much loved by a large circle of friends, a noble wife, a devoted mother and a member 
of the Methodist church.  The fruits of this marriage were six children, of whom three are now living, 
viz: MATILDA, MALISSA and ADELBERT F.  His third wife, ELIZABETH SHOEMAKER, was born in 
Oneida county, and married Feb. 26, 1879. 
From "History of Chenango and Madison Counties, NY" starting on page 610.
Transcribed by Sandy Goodspeed   

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