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Isaac Coe
(November 22, 1772-June 23, 1841 )

 Mr. ISAAC COE was born in Stratford, Conn., Nov. 22d, 1772, and married POLLY CURTIS, 
daughter of JOSEPH CURTIS, of Stratford, Conn.  She was born March 29th, 1775, and married 
Sept. 5th, 1796.  The fruits of this marriage were eight children, three sons and five daughters --
namely: MARIA, born in Conn., Sept. 15, 1797; ISAAC, born January 31, 1799; HULDAH, born 
Jan. 30, 1802, and died March 10, 1870.  She was the wife of ASA HOLT.  ELI, born July 23, 
1805, and died June 24 , 1829; MARY, born in Madison county, March 13, 1810, and died Jan. 
14, 1862; JOHN B., born Jan. 5, 1813; ELIZA, born Dec. 19, 1814; ARIETTA, born Oct. 23, 1818. 
 ISAAC COE was not as highly favored as many others with school privileges, but he was endowed 
with a quick and active mind, wise in his conclusions and able to give a reason for his views, which 
caused many to seek his advice and counsel.  In early life he applied himself to farming, also 
engaging in the boot and shoe trade. In 1806 he sought a home in the west.  Packing his goods, he, 
with his family, consisting of wife and four children, moved to what at that time was considered quite 
a western section, Madison county. He was very active in the building up, and development of the 
county.  He soon gathered around him a large circle of friends holding their good will and respect 
until his death, which occurred June 23d, 1841.  His wife, POLLY COE, died Nov. 27th, 1858. Mr. 
COE, during the war of 1812, manifested his patriotism by engaging in it, showing himself a faithful 
soldier.  He was a successful business man, leaving at his death a fine property. Three of his 
daughters occupy the old homestead and retain one hundred and sixty acres of fine farm land. 
From "History of Chenango and Madison Counties, NY" starting on page 621.
Transcribed by Sandy Goodspeed  

Date: Friday, August 13, 1999 09:38 AM

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