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James Coolidg
(July 23, 1786- )

 JAMES COOLIDG, of Bouckville, Madison County, was born in Boxborough, 
Massachesetts, July 23 ,1786.  He, with his father, JAMES D. COOLIDG, came 
to Madison county in 1806, and settled on a farm near the present village of 
Bouckville, and the one now owned by CHARLES BROCKETT.  J. D. 
COOLIDG was the first person who owned a hop yard in the county, and the 
success and growth of that business dates back to the early period of his 
settlement.  He was a successful farmer and April 11, 1844, owned five hundred 
acres of land. 
 JAMES COOLIDG, when a youth, assisted his father in all the arduous duties of 
the farm, and as was too often the case in those early pioneer days, his 
advantages for securing an education were extremely limited, not being able to 
attend school more than five or six weeks during the winter. 
 After his marriage he fitted himself for a surveyor giving proof of severe appli-
cation and praiseworthy ambition.  In after years he devoted much time to the 
work of Surveyor.  Mr. COOLIDG, in early life, worked at the carpenter's trade, 
and has always been quite ingenious in the use of carpenters' tools.  One of his 
most praiseworthy efforts in that direction was the cutting out of wood a comp-
lete map of the town of Madison, with all the hills, streams, valleys, lakes, ponds, 
& c., with mathematical precision and accuracy.  He has served his town in many 
ways, and incurred the respect of all.  He was a magistrate twenty-four years.  He 
engaged in farming until about 1860, when he sold his farm and engaged in 
lighter occupation, and now, at the age of 94 years is full of vigor and activity.  His 
first wife, JANET KENDALL, was born in 1792, married 1814, died 1816.  Second 
wife, SOPHIA STEBBINS, born 1798, married 1819, and died Jan. 26, 1832. 
Third wife, SALLIE SIMMONS, born 1801, married 1833, and died Sept. 24, 1834. 
Fourth wife, HARRIETT HAZZARD, born 1802, married 1834, and died 1838.  
Fifth wife, PHOEBE THOMPKINS LAWRENCE, born 1798, married 1842, and 
died Jan. 6, 1849.  Sixth wife, MARY COBURN SMITH, born 1803, married 1851, 
and died May 11, 1877.  He has four children, three dying in infancy and has one 
son now living, FRANCIS COOLIDG, born Dec. 1813, and now residing in Kansas. 
He still manifests much vigor and energy, quick in memory, warm hearted and 
interesting in conversation.  Mr. COOLIDG throughout his life has been an 
industrious, hard-working man, and now, near the close of his earthly career, can 
look back upon the record of a well-spent life, having not a tarnish upon his honor 
and integrity. 
From "History of Chenango and Madison Counties, NY" starting on page 613. 
Transcribed by Sandy Goodspeed   

Date: Saturday, August 14, 1999 3:40 PM

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