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Joseph H. Crumb
(July 26,1828- )

JOSEPH H. CRUMB, a leading business man in De Ruyter, was born at Brookfield, Madison co., 
N.Y., July 26, 1828.  His parents were natives of New England, and he inherits the qualities 
which have marked in so large a measure the character of the people of those States, and their 
descendants, for industry and enterprise. In 1848, while he was yet a young man, he came to De 
Ruyter, and soon thereafter bought out the real estate shops and business stand of Messrs. A. S. 
and H. A. GARDNER, who had carried on extensive works in carriage making, cabinet ware and 
other branches of industry.  Here, at the age of twenty-one, he established an active business, 
including a machine shop, iron foundry, manufactory of furniture, upholstery and undertaking a 
portion of which he yet continues.  He has been eminently successful, and accumulated a 
handsome fortune by his energy and perseverance.  His business habits are rapid but methodical. 
He is probably one of the best if not the best business man in De Ruyter.  His sagacity, good judg-
ment and quick apprehension of right opportunities, have enabled him to see and avail himself of 
the state of the times and the markets, to strike successfully into those enterprises which have 
yielded a remunerative reward.  He has extensively engaged as contractor and builder, and at the 
present time is probably the most extensive real estate owner in the town.  He possesses in a remark-
able degree a capacity to direct and control more branches of business in manufacturing, farming 
and trade and general traffic than any other man in the community.  Besides looking after his own 
affairs he has found time to work for the public, and has been honored by his townsmen with the 
office of Supervisor, to which position he has been elected for five years in succession, and now 
holds that office, the duties of which he has discharged with honesty and fidelity to his constituents. 
His place could hardly be filled by one having  a deeper interest at stake, or a larger experience in 
the local affairs of the town. Mr. CRUMB is public spirited and his influence and efforts have 
contributed much towards the improvements which have from time to time been projected for the 
benefit of the place.  As a man and a citizen his record is good and his life gives evidence of what 
industry, integrity and energy can accomplish in individual success and social attainments. 
From "History of Chenango and Madison Counties, NY" starting on page 605. 
Transcribed by Sandy Goodspeed   

Date: Saturday, August 14, 1999 3:41 PM

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