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Nathan Brownell
(June 6, 1828- )

 NATHAN BROWNELL  - Among the representative business men of Madison county, none occupy 
a more conspicuous and honorable position that he whose name heads this brief sketch. He was 
born in the town of Madison, June 6, 1828.  His parents, NATHAN and POLLY (BROWN) 
BROWNELL, were natives of Rhode Island.  The father was born March 13, 1789, and the mother 
June 25, 1800.  They were married in the town of Madison in 1816. 
 The father of NATHAN, SR., settled at Paris, Oneida county, at a very early day, and died there 
March 21, 1816.  His wife, (LUCY REDMOND,) died June 14, 1814.  She was born July 26, 1751. 
 NATHAN, SR., was the tenth in a family of eleven children. Three of his brothers followed the sea 
and were lost by shipwreck. He followed farming until about the year 1830, when he engaged in 
mercantile pursuits at Madison Center.  In 1832 he came to Hubbardsville and was thus engaged until 
1844 when he changed his location to Clarksville, town of Brookfield, where he carried on business till 
his death, which occurred May 22, 1866.  POLLY, his wife, died April 1, 1837.  They had eight sons 
and two daughters, named as follows: LUCY R., born Aug. 28, 1819, (died in infancy), LUCY R., born 
Aug. 17, 1820, (died Dec. 5, 1866,) NICANOR, born Feb. 14, 1823, GEORGE, born March 29, 1825, 
(died in infancy,) GEORGE, born May 8, 1826, NATHAN, PERIS R., born April 3, 1831, (died March 23, 
1833,) PERIS R., born Aug. 31, 1833, PUTNAM C., born June 8, 1835, and HERVEY, born April 1, 
1837, (died July 9, 1839). 
 The advantages enjoyed by these children for their education were such only as were afforded by the 
common schools of their towns. 
 NATHAN, at the age of 16, went to Sherburne and was employed as a clerk by Pratt & Rexford, 
merchants, about five years.  Soon after serving his connection with that firm, he went west and 
remained about two years.  In 1853, he returned and located permanently at Hubbardsville, where he 
now resides, and engaged in merchandising and milling till 1861. 
 Mr. BROWNELL presents a splendid example of the success that unaided effort united with persistent 
purpose and honorable ambition may achieve. 
 He has been handsomely recognized by his party and the public in the bestowments of public stations.  
In 1861 he was elected supervisor of his town, and was elected six times in succession to that office.  
During the war of the Rebellion his signal executive abilities were fully tested, in furnishing the town's 
quota of troops called for by the Government, and in raising the money needed to secure substitutes. 
 In the fall of 1867 he was elected County Clerk and removed to Morrisville and entered upon the duties 
of that office Jan. 1, 1868. He held that office three years, and during that time, he was a member of the 
several commissions appointed to appraise the land taken by the Midland Railroad Company, in the 
counties of Chenango and Cortland, where disputes arose as to their value. In 1872 he was elected 
Justice of the Peace, which office he still holds. 
 In all the relations of public and private life Mr. BROWNELL has been faithful to his trusts, and his 
influence and value as a citizen is freely and fully acknowledged by all who knew him. He possesses in a 
marked degree those qualities that characterize the good neighbor, kind husband and indulgent parent. 
 In politics Mr. BROWNELL is a staunch Republican having united with that party in 1856, since which 
time no man has been more earnest and zealous in his efforts to further the interest of the party. 
 The 7th of April, 1852, Mr. BROWNELL married ROZELLA S., daughter of ELIAS K. and EMILY 
(HUBBARD) HART, natives, the former of Oneida county, where he was born Dec. 16, 1803, and is still 
living, and the latter of Sherburne, Chenango county, where she was born Nov. 4, 1808, and died Sept. 
10, 1853. They had five children, viz: ALLEN H., born April 22, 1829, (drowned in a vat in the tannery at 
Hubbardsville, Nov. 9, 1831,) ROZELLA S., born Aug. 15, 1830, HUBBARD, born Aug. 7, 1832, SUSAN 
LAVINA, born Feb. 25, 1836, and NORVAL DEMAS, born Sept. 26, 1848. 
 Mrs. BROWNELL's grandfather, CALVIN HUBBARD, was one of the first settlers in the town, at Hubbards-
ville, which place was named for him. 
 Mr. and Mrs. BROWNELL have two children, FRANK H., born March 10, 1856, and EMILY LOUISE, born 
May 24, 1866. They have one daughter by adoption, ALICE BUCKINGHAM, born Oct. 9, 1854.  She is a 
grand-daughter of Dr. BUCKINGHAM, of Sherburne, Chenango county. 
From "History of Chenango and Madison Counties, NY" starting on page 571.
Transcribed by Sandy Goodspeed 

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