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Town of Brookfield Early Industries

    Industry               Product(s)            Lifespan                                 Notes 
Leonardsville            hoes, scythes,         1810-1890's     Founded by blacksmith Hazzard P. Clark as an offshoot of 
Manufacturing Co.                                               his smithy, he sold the co. (1820) to Samuel Brand, who 
                                                                operated it until 1848 when son Nathan V. Brand merged it 
                                                                & area mills into the Leonardsville Manufacturing Co. 
Tannery                  tanned hides &         ca. 1820's      Founded by Jonathan Babcock who died 28 May 1864; carried 
                         related products                       on by Samuel Jordan. 
Hoe Factory              garden hoes            1874            In business just one year. 
Otsego Furnace Co.       heating furnaces       1891-1893       Although organized with a view toward being a permanent 
                                                                industry that would put Brookfield on the Madison Co. 
                                                                industrial map, it fell victim to the Panic of 1893. 
Horse rake Factory & 
Wagon Shop               horse rakes (prob-     mid-19th        Operated several years by Erastus A. Greene. 
                         ably for raking        centruy 
                         manure or hay) & 
Craine Bros.             boxes                  mid-19th         Manufacturers and jobbers. (South Brookfield) 

Note: This information provided (with permission) from the Madison County Historical Society publication Country Roads Revisited. MCHS for information publications & services the Society can provide.
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