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Texas Cemetery


Town of Georgetown
Madison County, New York

Graveyard in the southeast comer of the town of Georgetown in an area known as Texas.
copied by Wm. & Henry Card, Otselic, N.Y. Oct 1961
WRIGHT, Samantha M.,  wf Dearborn d. 20 Sept 1878 ae 49y11m 
    Myron                        d. 15 Jan 1864 ae 36y2m 
    Lucinda J., day Myron &  Eveline M.  d. 23 Jan 1861 ae 2y11m 
          Footstones - M.W.        L.J.W. 
    (broken stone)           d.      Feb        ae 19ylOm 
    Theodore A., son Dearborne & Samantha  d. 29 Mar 1862 ae 8y1m8d 
    small stone - E.A.W. 
WEDGE, Francis N., son Alonzo and Harriet  d. 11 Nov 1861 ae 5yr 
    small stone  O.A.W. 
transcribed by Dougas J. Ingalls 12/30/1998 

Date: Sunday, January 03, 1999 10:39 PM

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