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Town of Fenner Cemetery Index

                             Town of Fenner Cemeteries 
               Association of Municipal Historians of New York State 

Cemetery Name Location Time Frame FIRST LAST Ballou Adjoins Munger Cem. on W side of 1822 1901 (AKA: Little Ballou) Nelson Rd 1100ft N of Larkin Rd, 30 names, stones rearranged 1993. Town of Fenner

Chittenango Falls E Side of Emhoff Rd 500 ft S of Cary 1830 1921 Cemetery Hill Rd, 122 Names, 143 burials. Town of Fenner

Dougherty Cemetery In field 500 ft S of Mile Strip Rd 1000 1813 1859 (aka: Mile Strip, ft E of Nelson Rd, 18 Names, 49 burials. Dwyer Farm) Town of Fenner

Faulkner Cemetery In field 360 ft W of South Rd 700 ft S 1823 1825 (aka: Alden Grant Farm) of Fenner Rd, 2 names, 4 burials. Town of Fenner.

Gamlin Cemetery Location unknown, reported to be on 1839 1839 Bear Swamp Rd near Nelson Rd, 3 names. Town of Fenner.

Haight Cemetery In brush 300 ft S of Bingley Rd 1000 1842 1859 ft East of Roberts Rd, 4 names, 11 burials. Town of Fenner.

Inman Cemetery On tree line 1000 ft S of Fenner Rd 1834 1912 2400 ft E of Nelson Rd, 18 Namea, 25 burials. Town of Fenner.

McEvers Cemetery Stones moved from field to fence line 1834 1912 (aka: Whipple) 750 ft S of Fenner Rd 1600 ft E of Nelson Rd, 2 names. Town of Fenner.

Munger Cemetery Adjoins Ballou Cem. on W side of 1804 1876 (aka: Big Ballou, Nelson Rd 1200 ft N of Larkin Rd, 52 North Fenner Corners) names, 110 burials. Town of Fenner. 1814 1899

Needham Cemetery S side of Fenner Rd betwen Davis 1814 1899 (aka: Cody Corners) and Roberts Rds, 102 names 107 burials. Town of Fenner.

Perryville Cemetery On E side of Seibenhaum Rd 1000 ft S 1818 pres of hamlet of Perryville, 850+ names. Town of Fenner.

Ransom Cemetery In corner of field 350 ft S of Mile 1834 1839 (aka: Hector Pickard, Strip Rd 2000 ft W of Bellinger Rd, Mile Strip) 3 names, Town of Fenner.

Roberts Cemetery On ridge in woods just south of 1813 1906 (aka: Cary Farm, Rouses Rd 1300 fr W of Oxbow Rd, 26 Sager, Mile Strip) names, 41+ burials. Town of Fenner.

Robertson Cemetery In field 800 ft directly S of intersect. 1932 1958 of Larkin and Peterboro Rds, 9 names, 17 burials. Town of Fenner.

Wilson Cemetery On S side of Bingley Rd 1700 ft W of 1836 1922 (aka: Fenner, West of Shepards Rd, 101 names, 115 burials. Fenner Corners) Town of Fenner.

Wyss Cemetery On S side of Wyss Rd 1600 ft E of 1827 pres (aka: Lyons, Nelson Rd, 154 names, 157 burials. Mutton Hill) Town of Fenner.

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