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Town of Nelson Cemetery Index

Town of Nelson Cemeteries
Association of Municipal Historians of New York State
Cemetery Name             Location                             Time Frame 
                                                              FIRST  LAST 
Bliss Cemetery         On E side of Bliss Rd 2000 ft N of Old  1818  1834 
                       State Road, badly damaged, 4 Names. 
                       Town of Nelson. Not on highway map. 

Corkinsville Cemetery On State land along S side of abandoned 1853 1856 Rd 675 ft E of Corkinsville Rd, 2 names, SW corner of Town of Nelson. Not on map. Erieville Cemetery At SE corner of Erieville and 1814 pres. Tuscarora Rds in hamlet of Erieville, 1000 +/- names. Town of Nelson.

Humphrey Cemetery In pasture 1000 ft E of Erieville Rd 1845 1854 (aka: Chaphe Hill) 600 ft S of Nourse and Judd Rods, 2 names. Town of Nelson. Not on map.

Lyons Cemetery On N side of Hardscrabble Road at 1795 1903 (aka: Hardscrabble) intersection of Irish Hill Rd. 141 names. Town of Nelson.

Nelson Rural Cemetery On E side of Thomas Rd 3500 ft S of 1811 pres. (aka: Nelson, Blowers) US 20, 510 names, 510 burials, Town of Nelson.

Norton Cemetery Location unknown, historical reference, 1841 1863 on Igor Pirigow farm Erieville Rd 800 ft S of Sanderson Rd, no stones? 5 names? Town of Nelson.

Payne Cemetery On W side of Hughes RD 400 ft S of 1806 1873 Williams Corners Rd, 26 names, 75 burials. Town of Nelson.

Reservoir Cemetery On dam of Tuscarora Reservoir, stones 1812 1848 (aka: Temple, removed in 1940's, 23 names, 27 Erieville Pioneer) burials. Town of Nelson.

Tog Hill Cemetery On N side of US 20 1200 ft W of Ryan 1800 1917 (Francis) Rd, 13 names, 21 burials, Town of Nelson. Weaver Cemetery 400 ft W of Erieville Rd 400 ft N 1800 1917 Stearns Rd, 33 names, 35 burials, Town of Nelson.

Welsh Church Cemetery At NW corner of intersection of Welsh 1809 pres. (aka: Union) Church and Old State Rds, 660+/- names, Town of Nelson.

Westcott Cemetery On W side of Pleasant Valley Rd 2400 1812 1902 (aka: Bucks Woods, ft N of US 20, 170 names, 176 burials, Pleasant Valley) Town of Nelson.

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