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Gates Cemetery

Town of Lebanon
Madison County, New York


Near the former site of the Universalist Church
Farm burying ground - stones down and broken
copied by DAR 11 Sept 1911

BAKER, Solomon                 d. 24 Jan 1847 in his 76th yr 
       Delana, wf              d. 7 Jan 1846 in her 73rd yr 
DE LONG, William, son Rev. M. & Martha  d. 17 Aug 1838 ae 5m 
FORD, Anna, wf Joseph          d. 23 Apr 1839 ae 73yr 
GATES, Silas A.                d. 15 July 1865 ae 67yr 
                ,  wf Silas    d. 13 Jan 1846 ae 35y2m 
             [stories either side of Silas are face down: Wife 
             and twin babies buried, one on each arm] 
GROSVENOR, Sidney A.           1809 - 1854 
        Ellen M., his wf       1813 - 1854 
        Sidney Bugene, son Sidney A. &  Ellen N.  d. 6 July 1841 ae 1y6d 
           (Children  Eugene adopted by Justus Grosvenor 
                      Erastus adopted by Edward Lewis 
                      Amelia adopted by Henry Seymour 
                      Lizzie adopted by John Coe) 
LEONARD, Betsey, dau John & Sally    d. 10 May 1845 ae 6y6m2ld 
LINDSAY, George                d. 14 Nov 1843 ae 49yr 
LONT, S.A.                                    ae 4yr 
WATRAS/WATROS, Lucinda, wf Henry V.   d. 15; May 1844 ae 39y7m8d 
       [twins died & were buried in her arms as per J.B.M.] 

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