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Old Meeting House Hill Burying Ground

Located at Madison Center. Left wild as farm land. Many stones
broken and graves unmarked. Verified by Leslie Peebles.

BAILEY,  Julia M., dau M.S. & Lydia   d. 26 Sept 1847 ae 2y3m 
BERRY,   Eliza, wf Erastus  d. 24 May 1856 ae 55yr 
BROWN    Mr. Isaac N.       d. 20 Dec 1805 ae 3lyr 
         Mrs. Clarissa, wf Johm d. 8 Feb 1837 ae 63yr 
CURTIS,  Mrs. Mary (Botsford), relict Abner d. 7 May 1810 ae 72yr 
DOWNEY,  William      d. 11 Oct 1864 ae 72yr 
FAIRCHILD, Mr. (Nehe)miah d. 12 May 1813 in the __yr of his age. 
                  "When man & wife must sighing part" 
FOWLER,  Cynthia       d. 10 May 1856 ae 95y5m5d 
FURNISS, Sarah, wife Benj.   d. 2 Dec 1809 in her 85th yr. 
GRAY,    Mr. John      d. 25 July 1827 ae 57yr   (b. 1 Mar 1770) 
HINDS,   Mrs. Mary, consort of Capt. Timothy d. 14 Dec 1820 ae 74yr 
         Capt. Timothy   d. 13 Apr 1824 ae 84yr 
HITCHCOCK, Mrs. Sarah, consort of Capt. Moses d. 25 Nov 1816 ae 45yr 
           Mrs. Polly, consort of Capt. MOses  9 Dec 1850 ae 5Zyr 
           Moses       d. 27 May 1861 ae 86yr 
HOLMES,   Moses Esq.   d. 13 Nov 1811 in his 85th yr 
KIBBE,    Phillip      d. 26 Apr 1837 ae 75yr 
          MRS. Thankful, wf  d. 6 June 1835 ae 73yr 
MILLEN,   Thomas       d. 9 Sept 1831 ae 89yr 
          Martha (Cowden), consort Thomas d. 6 oct 1806 ae 54yr 
              (They were married 29 Jan 1778) 
MILLER OR MILLEN, Sally consort Jacob d. 28 Sept 1809 ae 22 yr 
PEET,     Lewis        d. 1 July 1821 in his 49th yr. 
PEBBLES, Mrs. Ann, wife Mr. Patrick     d. 6 June 1812 ae 33yr 
         Mrs. Anna, consort Mr. John d. 28 Mar 1809 in her 67th yr. 
         Mr. John     d. 10 Nov 1826 in his 85th yr. 
PECKHAM, Ruth B., dau Orson & Delia       d. 6 Apr 1837 ae 6yr 
         Elia B., son same                d. 9 June 1838 ae 5yr 
         Maria G., dau same               d. 10 July 1851 ae 12yr 
         Jerusha, dau same                d. 2 May 1839 ae 4yr 
Thompson, Capt. Isaac          d. 23 Sept 1811 ae 32yr 
WILDER, William, son Abel & Eunice  d. 20 May 1812 ae 5ylOm 

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 08:21 PM

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