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Town of DeRuyter Early Industries

    Industry               Product(s)            Lifespan                                 Notes 
Sutton, Sears (& Rider)   tannery              c.1830s-1875      Owned by Simeon Rider (see below).  
& Co. 
J.H. Crumb                furniture             1847-1877        Manufacturer & dealer in furniture & chairs. Owned & 
                                                                 operated a sawmill & foundry which he sold in 1877  to 
                                                                 George Angel. (DeRuyter) 
Hopkins, Wright &         tower clocks          1849-1851        Made own improvements. (DeRuyter) 
Tallow Works              soap & candles        1850-1880s       Founded by Alexander Campbell; his son George A. was a 
DeRuyter Harness          harnesses             1860s            Manufacturer of a large assortment of harness ware. Charles 
Manufactory                                                      A. Hull proprietor. 
D. T. Coon                horse rakes, forks,   1860s            Manufacturer of horse rakes, forks, hoe & broom handles. 
                          hoe & broom                            Also custom sawing & planing. 
Cardner Bros.             horse rakes,          1860-1900        Situated in the north central part of the town at site which 
                          cheese boxes                           became known as "Rakesville." 
E. M. Pope                chairs                1870s            Founded in Cincinnatus, Pope later moved (1878). In 1879 
                                                                 he moved again to Crane's Mills. (DeRuyter) 
Carding Factory           carded wool           mid-19th         Simeon Rider, upon selling his interest in the tannery, 
                                                century          bought the old carding factory but it closed forever (1874). 
Hayes Bros. Foundry       stoves & mowers       1882-1920s       Mill on Tioughnioga Creek just west of bridge on Utica St. 
Bryant Furniture Co.      household             1889-1910        Prior to 1889, was operated as a sawmill. Located at the corner 
                          furniture                              of Railroad & DeRuyter Streets. (DeRuyter) 
Crystal Springs Nickel    cigars                1925-1927        George Whitmore operated this concern on the 2nd floor of  
Cigar Co.                                                        the Taber House Barn, which burned in 1827. 
Vesta Corset Company      corsets               1920-present     In 1928 Vesta went out of business; Frank Taber took plant 
(later DeRuyter Textile                                          over & in 1930 the DeRuyter Textile Co. moved to Cortland 
Co.)                                                             Street, it's present site of  operation. (DeRuyter) 

Note: This information provided (with permission) from the Madison County Historical Society publication Country Roads Revisited. MCHS for information on services & publications the Society can provide.
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