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Early Settlers
Town of DeRuyter

 Early settlers in the Town of DeRuyter taken from 1784 History of Chenango &
Madison Counties, NY by James H Smith; pub. 1880.  Tried to use year, where 
stated, person and where they were from. 
 DeRuyter was formed from Cazenovia March 15, 1798, and was named at the 
suggestion of John Lincklaen from Admiral DeRuyter of the Dutch navy. German,
Chenango Co., which then embraced the present towns of Lincklaen, Otselic 
and Pitcher, were set off on the formation of Madison county, March 21, 1806,
and Georgetown, April 7, 1815.  At a latter date a portion of Cazenovia was
 The settlement of the town was commenced in 1793, by Elijah & Elias 
BENJAMIN, brothers, natives of  So. East, Duchess co. & Eli COLEGROVE, Rhode 
Samuel THOMPSON, and 
William and Thompson BURDICK. brothers, from Hopkinton, R.I. 
Russell WALKER 
 little later- 
Daniel PAGE, from Duchess co. 
Gideon FOSTER 
Eleazer GAGE & sons, Justus, Capt. Jeremiah, Ira & Ebenezer, from 
Dutchess co. 
Matthew WELLS, born Hopkinton, R.I., before 1800 to Grafton, Renn. co, 
then here and 
Jonathan SHED, from Brimfield, Mass 
 soon after- 
Darius BENJAMIN, brother of Elijah & Elias, from North East and 
Samuel BOWEN. 
Levi WOOD, native of Munson, Mass 
Sylvester CRUMB, from Rhode Island 
 about 1807- 
Joseph RICH, and daughters Sarah & Martha,  from Woodstock, Conn 
Jonathan BENTLEY, native of Richmond, R.I., came from Easton, 
        Washington co. with sons Hampton S & Zadock T. 
Benjamin MERCHANT, from Woodstock, Conn. 
 about this time, large number of friends came in from Hudson River 
country, mostly from Saratoga, Westchester and Duchess counties: 
Job WEBB and 
Benjamin STRATTON, from Hudson. 
Abram SUTTON, father of Allen SUTTON 
John SHEPARD, from Saratoga, 
James HUNT, father of William & Elihu, from Saratoga co., 
John PIERCE, from New York, 
Reuben BURNARD, from Columbia co., 
John GIFFORD, a preacher, from Troy 
Beman HOAG, 
Capt. Francis BUNKER, sea captain from Hudson, 
David WOOD, Saratoga co., 
John HEWITT, Sarataoga co., 
Richard NORTH, Columbia co., 
Joseph, Thomas and Benjamin MITCHELL, brothers, from Duchess co., 
Dr. Ephraim OTIS, physician, Saratoga co., 
Stephen BOGARDUS, Ghent, Columbia co., 
Benjamin WYBERT, Saratoga co., 
Enos & Amos PEASLEY, brothers, 
Eliljah CORNELL, father of Hon. Ezra CORNELL & NY Gov. Alonzo Cornell. 
Joseph & Benjamin TRIPP, Columbia co., 
David RING, Columbia co., 
James DERBYSHIRE, Saratoga co., 
Joseph UNDERWOOD, Duchess co., formerly from New England 
Elder Joseph COLEY, Baptist minister; removed to New Woodstock 
 about 1808 or '9- 
Zenas RIDER, from North East, Duchess co. 
David MAIN 
 about 1812- 
James NYE, from Athens 
Eleazer H. SEARS 
Aaron, Belden, Isaac & Nathan PADDOCK with mother from Duchess co. 
Jonathan, Luke & Parson COON, brothers 

Provided by: Sandy Goodspeed, Maryland, NY

Date: Sunday, August 29, 1999

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