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Town of Smithfield Early Industries

    Industry             Product(s)            Lifespan                               Notes 
Moore's Empire Milk    milk pans &           1876-c.1880s      Founded by Franklin W. Moore who held a patent for the 
Pan Co., Ltd.          coolers                                 device. The company made an average of 50 sets per year 
                                                               until the company's dissolution when Moore relocated in 
                                                               Syracuse. (Erieville) 
Distillery             spirituous liquors    1802-c.1812       Located about 100 rods south of the boyhood home of the 
                                                               noted temperance leader & abolitionist Gerrit Smith, the 
                                                               distillery was founded by Elisha Carrington & others. 
Smith & Solon          glass makers          1808-29/30        Founded by Peter Skenandoah Smith (son of Peter Smith, 
                                                               founder of Smithfield & Peterboro). W.H. Backus (whose 
                                                               father was then president of Hamilton College) bought the 
                                                               business (1819) & it was thereafter known as Backus & 
                                                               Fenn. (Dr. Fenn was Backus' partner.) Concurrently, an- 
                                                               other glass factory was operating in Peterboro. (Peterboro) 
Distillery             spirituous liquors    1814-1830         E. Carrington built this 2d distillery which was operated 
                                                               by one Salisbury. (Peterboro) 

Note: This information provided (with permission) from the Madison County Historical Society publication Country Roads Revisited. MCHS for information publications & services the Society can provide.
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